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Carefree Spirits Distillery Tasting Room is set high in the foothills on the northern edge of the Sonoran desert in scenic and charming Cave Creek, Arizona.

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Carefree Spirits Distillery’s Tasting Room is a delightful place to sample and purchase Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka while enjoying the company of friends, old and new.

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This is a place where old friends meet and new friends are made. It’s a place to relax, talk, laugh, and enjoy the good company of your colleagues, friends, and family.

We've made this an environment for quality experiences. It’s clean and comfortable. It’s elegant but simple and

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Conveniently located on Cave Creek Road, we are nestled on the north side of picturesque Black Mountain. We chose Cave Creek for our tasting room because of the area’s rich and proud history and the character and warmth of the town’s amazing people.

At an elevation of 2126 feet, Cave Creek rises more than a thousand feet higher than Phoenix so our temperatures tend to be five to seven degrees cooler. Even in Arizona’s summer months, our outdoor patio offers a pleasant atmosphere to spend your evening when the sun goes down.

Just like our Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka, Cave Creek is genuine and superior in quality. The area has a rich and colorful history that traces its roots back more than 1300 years when Native Americans, known as the Hohokam and Salado, lived for centuries along its flowing creek. In the centuries that followed, Tonto Apaches thrived in these desert foothills.

More than 40 years before Arizona became a state, Cave Creek was established by US Cavalry soldiers traveling on horseback from nearby Fort McDowell. Nearby were two natural springs and the picturesque boulders of what would later become Carefree, Arizona. The year was 1870. Soon thereafter, gold was discovered near the Tonto Hills northeast of Cave Creek. In the early 20th century, news of this beautiful area spread across America as Cave Creek attracted tourists to visit its dude ranches and sample life as cowboys and ranchers in a unique vacation experience.

With that rich history as a foundation, the towns of Cave Creek and Carefree have grown and prospered over the years, but the sister communities have not forgotten the area’s proud roots.

Visitors to our Tasting Room seem to have a thirst for discovery and they love to connect with others. A lot of our customers are curious adventurers, lifelong learners, and individualists. They love exploring the world and they don’t want to be fenced in. They appreciate a place that offers authenticity, superior quality, and a companionable atmosphere to enjoy with friends. Our Tasting Room is that kind of place.

Tasting Room hours
Sunday-Tuesday - 12pm-7pm
Wednesday-Saturday - 12pm-9pm

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