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Arizona Distillery Rebrands with Plans to Boost the Spirit of Carefree Living

Carefree Spirits Distillery Blends its Legacy of Authentic Quality with its Vision for the Future

Carefree and Cave Creek, AZ — June 29, 2021 — Carefree Spirits Distillery today unveiled its new brand identity, new website, new awards for its Carefree Bourbons and Chakra Vodkas, and new plans for a multimillion-dollar destination complex in Carefree, Arizona.

Originally established in 2017 In Carefree, Arizona under the name of Elysian Desert Distilleries, the company has changed its name to Carefree Spirits Distillery, reflecting its growing appeal to customers seeking flavor, authenticity, and natural ingredients.

Soon after Renea McQuiggan started the company with her husband Mike, their first branded product became Carefree Bourbon. This smooth straight bourbon whiskey gained a loyal following among bourbon connoisseurs in the Phoenix Metro area and word quickly spread.

In 2019, following extensive research and development, Renea and Mike expanded their venture and began blending and offering their Chakra Vodka brand, a line of 7 flavors (one for each Chakra) and 1 non-flavored vodka. The Vodka is made with 100% corn, distilled 6 times, filtered 5, no sugars added and is naturally gluten-free.

In May 2021, the company was honored to receive a total of 10 quality awards from the International Bartender Spirits Awards for its Carefree Bourbons and Chakra Vodkas. This is the second straight year that both brands have won medals for their high quality and superior taste.

The growing demand for Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka has created the need to expand production capacity, along with plans for national distribution and marketing. In 2022, construction will begin on Carefree Spirits Distillery’s new multimillion-dollar flagship property in the heart of Carefree, Arizona. The complex will feature a distillery bottling plant, a tasting room with live entertainment, an event center, and a retail store.

“Carefree and Cave Creek local businesses stand to benefit nicely from this world-class facility when we open in early 2023,” says Renea McQuiggan, company president. “The Carefree Spirits Distillery Tasting Room promises to be a true destination location for visitors and locals alike. We are proud of our amazingly supportive community.”

Until the new center opens, visitors are welcome to sample and purchase their favorite flavorful spirit, which is blended, proofed, and bottled locally in Carefree. The Tasting Room is located at 6201 E. Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek, Arizona.

For more information on Carefree Spirits Distillery, Carefree Bourbon, or Chakra Vodka, please visit carefree-sprits.com

About Carefree Spirits Distillery: Carefree Spirits Distillery is a family owned and operated distillery, blender, bottler, and distributor of handcrafted premium spirits, based in Carefree and Cave Creek, Arizona. Its primary brands are the award-winning Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka, which are sold in fine restaurants and retailers in Arizona and Southern California. The Carefree Spirits Distillery Tasting Room is located at 6201 E. Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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