'Come, give us a taste of your quality.’

- William Shakespeare, 1601

Our Origins

The best ideas start as conversations among friends. This one started in 2016 in a Scottsdale restaurant over a glass of bourbon. Renea McQuiggan and her husband Mike were talking about how friendships are often created and strengthened through shared positive experiences.

Renea and Mike came away with an idea that became their passion and their vision. They decided to create a line of handcrafted premium bourbons and vodkas that are authentic, natural, and superior in quality. These spirits should help foster friendships and enable positive experiences to be enjoyed.

They agreed that experiences that are uncommon are memorable, and experiences that are comforting are delightful. They believe we should enjoy every moment of those delightfully uncommon experiences because they are so special. This is the inspiration behind the creation of Carefree Spirits Distillery and the experiences it offers: Enjoy every moment.

In the pursuit of the Company's vision, they decided that the quality of their bourbons and vodkas must be without compromise. That uncompromised quality took the family years to develop, never shortcutting on ingredients or processes.

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Authenticity, natural ingredients, and superior quality are uncommon and delightful attributes in today's mass market. The McQuiggan family hopes this commitment brings you many experiences to enjoy.

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Our Future

What started as a conversation among friends in 2016 has evolved into a movement. Word of mouth has spread from one friend to
another and our loyal customer following has expanded rapidly.

- Renea McQuiggan

Founder and President, Carefree Spirits Distillery

Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka are not only enjoyed in our Cave Creek Tasting Room location, our spirits are now enjoyed in scores of fine restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout Arizona and Southern California.

As demand continues to grow, our goal is to expand distribution of Carefree Bourbon and Chakra Vodka nationally.


And in Early 2023, Carefree Spirits Distillery will open its new flagship property in the heart of Carefree, Arizona. This multimillion-dollar investment promises to be a true destination location for visitors and locals alike. The complex will feature a distillery bottling plant, tasting room, event center, and retail store. We hope you will bring your friends and perhaps make some new ones. Our family and staff will do all we can to help you "Enjoy Every Moment!"

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Our Mission

To provide our family’s handcrafted premium spirits to sophisticated adults who have a discerning palate and a thirst for authenticity. Our goal is to make our fine bourbons and vodkas available across America through direct sales, distributors, and retailers.

Our Vision

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To deliver uncommonly delightful experiences.

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To turn strangers into friends.

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To build a community.

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To leave a legacy of superior quality.

Our Values and Principles

  • Our Values

    What We Believe

    Our Principles

    How We Behave

  • Authenticity

    We are genuine, honest, and transparent in our interactions.

    We make products that have no artificial elements. Just the real thing.

  • Relationships

    We value relationships with our families, friends, customers, team members. These relationships are built on trust, sharing, and commitment.

    We support our community and strive to make it stronger.

  • Quality

    We believe in doing what’s right and doing it the right way, without compromises or shortcuts.

    We deliver quality products, service, and experiences and improve them through our commitment to learning and growth.

  • Balance

    As much as we love working hard, we believe that life should be fun!

    We create and promote balance through health, happiness, and fulfilment.

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Enjoy Every Moment.

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